quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2009

Barriga Crescendo! / Growing Belly!

Minha mãe disse que a barriga dela só foi aparecer com 4 meses, e eu, com 2 meses, to assim, espichada!! O_O
Hahahah! Tudo bem, to adorando exibir minha barriga por aí!

O negócio é que fica todo mundo me assustando, dizendo que são gêmeos!!
Gente, eu juro, não cabem 2 berços neste quarto! Aqui é tudo mto pequeno!
Se fossem 2 babys, eu teria que mandar inventar um berço-beliche!
My mommy said that her belly only started to grow up at the forth month...
I'm only 2, and my pants already don't fit anymore! O_O
hahaahah! It's ok, I'm loving to show off my pretty pregnant belly!

The only thing is that everyone keeps scaring me, saying that we'll have twins!!
Guys, I swear, there is no room for two cribs! Our apartament is too small!!
If there was really two babys, I'd have to have someone make up for me a bunk crib!

Este fim de semana conseguimos passear um pouco... No sabado os enjôos estavam bem fraquinhos!
This last weekend we managed to go out a little... On saturday the sickness gave me a break!

Fomos nós e o papai passear na Lagoa... Não estava sol, mas estava uma delícia mesmo assim! ^^
We went, along with my daddy, to a neighboorhood called Lagoa... There was no sun, but it was awesome even so! ^^

Eu não costurei quase nada... pelo menos nada fofo pra poder botar aqui no blog...
Tenho dedicado todo o tempo sem enjôos ao trabalho.
Mas, mesmo com enjôo, com sono infinito e com vontade de fazer xixi o tempo todo.... ESTAMOS MUITO FELIZES!

I wasn't able to sew a thing... No cute crafts to show you! =(
I'm dedicating all my sickness free time to work.
But, even with the sickness, the everlasting sleepy feeling, the need to pee al the time... WE ARE OH SO HAPPY!

5 comentários:

  1. you look so cute that you make me want to get pregnant!

  2. and I am so happy for you! Um...has your doctor confirmed just one little angel in there? :-) I'm glad the sickness is giving you some breaks. Being tired comes along with the territory -- you are MAKING a little human. Much harder than any craft project, and it takes a lot of energy. When I was over tired when I was pregnant with my two girls and someone would commment on how tired I seemed, I'd just say something like, "I'm forming a pancreas right now. It is hard work." :-) Actually, it is nice to know the hand of God is forming your little one, and that He already knows who that person is and loves him/her. Or both of them. :-)

  3. What a beautiful update! You look absolutely glowing! There is nothing more wonderful than the blessing of children and being able to carry them is such an amazing feeling. I'm sorry that you have had so much sickness, but at least you look stunning. Congratulations again! I am looking forward to more pregnancy updates.

  4. You are all so sweet! ^^
    Thank you girls, for stoping by and for the sweet words!

    Larissa, your explanation is perfect! Yes, this is the biggest craft of all...making a little human!
    I feel so gratefull and blessed... And it is indeed wonderfull to know that God already knows who he/she is!
    No, I don't know yet if it is one or two babys for sure... I'll have to wait for the next exam... =)

    Olivia, yes, it is an amazing and almost magical feeling!
    Thank you for the compliments!! ^^

  5. Hi Thalita! You look absolutely glowing at 2 months! You are radiating such inner joy it's amazing!