quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Malu 2 - Bunny

Malu was still so babyish when she turned 2. Not very talkative, unlike her sister. She wasn't able to choose a theme yet, so Lilla and I decided on bunnies, becaus Malu loves little animals.

For our family photo shooting I had an idea. I searched the internet for baby bunnies for sale, contacted their owner and asked if they would allow a bunny rent for a day. It worked! So we grabed these lovely bunnies to spend the afternoon with us. The kids had so much fun!

Each year it gets harder to choose my favorite photo session. I love them all! I am lucky to have Marcia and Edu to turn our ideas into such wonderful images.

The party was a huge mess.
I had a friend land me a space in her condo common area, but the day before the party she found out it wasn't allowed to have children's parties in that saloon anymore. I couldn't do it at home because it was SO HOT our friends would melt. I spent the night searching for a new place with air conditioning. Than my cousin came to the rescue and managed to score a saloon at her condo. Great! My only problem was that I had planned the decorations to another table size.

I remembered that the big table cloth I had sewn for Lilla's first bday would likely fit this new place's table, and brought it along. Everything turned out fine in the end...

For the felted wool Bunnies I used this great video tutorial.
If you are a begginer at needle felting, this lady's videos are a great place to start.

I wanted to make bunny ear for each child, so I enslaved I kindly asked for the help of my loving friends to cut and glue all these ears and to make the also much needed pompom tails.
Yeah, I'm sure they love me! lol

It was so lovely to whatch all those bunnies jumping around!