segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

Ponijao at the park

It was a lovely sunny day, finally. We've had so many gray sky days lately! These kind of days usually put me in a gloomy mood. So I had a big smile on my face when I woke up this morning to a beautiful clean blue sky!

I decided to take Ponijao to the park. She is not like me and was happy all along as the rainy days rolled. They gave us plenty of time to read some stories quietly in the house. But either way she enjoyed the ride. Which baby doesn't like the swing, the slide and the seesaw?

The park had many crunchy leaves on the ground, autumn really arrived steady and strong! And this was little Ponijao's favorite part. She loved the crispy sound the fallen leaves made as she sitted on them and shuffled her chubby legs and feet.

A well deserved sun bathing session after all the fun had Ponijao in the perfect mood for a good nap on the way home...
Now she feels all warm and healthy, perfectly ready to wait for her mama to find her at dollectable tonight.

Click HERE to go to Ponijao's Dollectable link.
She is being offered via drawing and 
her adoption fee is 605 dollars + shipping.

Picture for size reference. My 7yo gently held Ponijao. She was very happy, as  I rarely let her touch the nursery babies ;)