sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2017

quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2017


Fable is such a special baby. I think she is the one who stayed longer in my studio, and because of that I will sure miss looking at her smile every morning <3 span="">
She is contemplative.
She takes her time to do what is in her mind. She observes, she ponders... She has a smile for everyone, but she only likes to be held by the ones she trust.

Fable has a heart full of love and gratitude. It took me quite a while to learn who she really is and to do justice to her amazing personality. I am so glad I had time to dedicate to her, and that her mama was so patient with Fable's long birth.
I hope she brings her family the same happiness and peace she brought to my studio.

Fable is a custom and already has a family.
She is a 19" size baby and fits into NB real baby clothes. She is made with soft sunkissed DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. Her facial features are needle sculpted, her body has many soft sculpted accents. She is blushed with colored beeswax. Her hair is made from a blond mohair wig.
She goes home with:
flannel diaper
skates dress
wool crochet jacket
snow vest with faux fur hood
pink crochet bonnet
reversible bib
harem pajama pants
knitted socks made by D.Isaura
Leather shoes
Carter's baby onesie
amigurumi moose (she calls him Moosey)


My youngest daughter turned 3 this month. She was insisting that she needed a pink haired baby with paci (she totaly fell in love with the baby from the Storks Movie, which we ended up whatching in the Movies 3 times...)

I had promised her I would make her one for her birthday, and she watched closely her baby being born (not without nagging and crying, oh my!)

And today was the big day! Pink baby is finally born! Her mama named her "De Cabelo Rosa" (With Pink Hair). I am calling her Rosa for short ;)

Let me tell you -oh boy!- Rosa is n.a.u.g.h.t.y.

She wouldn't sit still for pictures. She climbed the chair and turned upside down, almost fell on the floor. She will sure keep her mama busy!

Welcome to the world baby De Cabelo Rosa!