sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016


Lunita is as cuddly as can be!
She is a new syle of baby I had in my heart to try for quite a while. She is small, soft and heavy, filled more with sand than wool in her limbs and body. She is quite floppy and has a more waldorf like simple face.
Lunita is a prototype and already has a family, but there will be more babies lin her likeness as RTG dolls soon. Price will be 150 dollars.


Jacy completly stole my heart!

She is a custom dolly and her mama wanted a south american baby. She sent me some beautiful photographs as inspiration and I understood that she wanted a peruvian baby, with all that pretty colors and textures which are a strong characterist of that beautiful people.

I really fell in love with the theme! It never occured to me before to make a peruvian baby, and I love those colors and textures! Well, I went downtown to search for some peruvian goodies to help bring this baby to life. I was lucky to find a little peruvian shop where I purchased a lovely "aguayo", along with trims, a necklace, bracelets, a bonnet, a brooch, a Llama... all made in Peru!

It was so fun to whatch little Jacy emerge from those colors.

She is a spirited baby, full of will and full of laughter! She has a loud voice and she loves to sing with her delicious baby voice. She is full of energy and happiness!
And she can't wait to meet her mama!

Jacy is a full newborn size baby, needle felted and soft sulpted in sweet smelling sheep's wool and swen with reddish tan DWE from the netherlands. Her hair is a pre made mohair wig. She will go home with:

-A srumpcious Aguayo
-Peruvian bonnet
-Carter's long sleeve onesie
-Baby socks
-Brown crochet short sleeve cardigan 
-necklace and bracelets
-Blue knitted cardigan (made my Ms Isaura )
-cozy knit romper with peruvian trims accent
-Wool booties with leather soles 
-fleece diaper
-peruvian knitted llama
-skirt with peruvian trim
-leather sole crochet sandals
-peruvian brooch


Suki is such a sweet baby! She loves hugs, kisses and cuddles. She enjoys playing calmly with her toys, but what she likes most is kittens! Little kittens make her laugh in delight!

Suki is a custom and already has a family.
She is made with sweet smelling sheep's wool, needle felted and soft sculpted. Her skin is DWE in sunkissed color and her hair is a mohair wig.