quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Malu 1 - Sunshine

Malu was born in the summer. Rio de Janeiro's summer. So nothing more fitted than a Sunshine birthday party for our little blessed Sunshine!

We had our traditional family photo session to celebrate Malu's first year of life, a huge blessing from our loving God.

Here in Brazil we have a tradition  of giving a magnetict photo of the children to each guest. I love it, and have my fridge  filled with my children's friends sweet faces!

For the first bday I like to put together pictures from each month of the year

And now our bright party!

It was a HOT summer day, so we topped all the play with some water hose fun

 And the lovely video made by my wonderful friends at Doce Deleite:

Malu 1 ano from Doce Deleite Fotografia on Vimeo.

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