quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Lilla 4 - Rainbow Brite

I love children's parties! And I just noticed I stoped sharing my kids parties here at the blog. So I'll try to catch up =)
Ours parties are always mama made, and I have so much fun putting them together. They are a big thing for our family and we always look forward to the next one!

When Lilla was 4 in 2014 she asked for a "Rainbow Brite Party". She had just found my old 80's Raibow Brite toys and was in love with the colorful characters. So I put together a party for her in our home, with all our best friends.

Lilla and her friends had fun blowing bubbles and playing around the house.
And I did some face painting on the kids.

My mom used to throw me the best parties too! I have so many good memories form those. She used to work on party's stuff for months, it was so nice. I love being able to do the same for my girls. This is her, right here. Vovó Lolo (Grandma Lolo) <3 p="">

I was pregnant with Malu on this time. Belly was just starting to show ^^

And our lovely firends from Doce Deleite Fotografia made this wonderful gift for us, a party video:

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