quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Lilla 6 - Tainá (little indian)

Lilla loves this movie called Tainá. She was asking for this birthday theme since she was 4, but I knew it would be to many details to pull off, so I kept discoraging it. Finally I felt like I could do it, and told her it was ok to have her Tainá party. She was thrilled!

It turned out as one of my favorites decorations ever! So was the family photo shooting.

I believe Doce Deleite has done magic with this photos, they really brought Lilla's imagination to life!

The Tainá doll I made for the party was also our gift to Lilla for her birthday. And I found a lovely place where I bought real indigenous crafts to use at the party decor and as party favors. Each one came labeled with its origin and which tribe made it.It was a wonderful find!

Want to take a peek at the children playing?
They had their faces painted, they made necklaces with beads, and danced and played.

Happy birthday Lilla! You are our dream come true, a blessing from God! You are Jesus's little lamb and we love you so so much!

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