quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017


This is how I found her. Alone in the forest, with a frog on her head.
All cozy inside a small grotto just her size.

I didn't intend to go to the forest that day, but the desire to sudenly be there came as a rushing wind and I just had no choice. Once there, it is just a few minutes walk to get to the small lake, and I just.couldn't.wait to get there. Such a weird hurrying feeling...

Then the lights. Fireflies? It was a bright morning, not an usual time to see fireflies. I still felt so anxious. So I followed them. I followed the lights into the forest, away from any delimited trails. And suddenly there they were. Many, many lights dancing together inside a small grotto. And among them, a tiny baby. She looked so helpless, yet so... present. Like even if she didn't fit the image, she was just where she was suposed to be.

I can't quite explain what happened next. The frog looked at me and ... well, he croaked. Very much like any regular frog would.
The weird part was that I heard him. Like, I understood him, even though he was just croaking.
And what he told me was this baby's story.

She came from far. I am not quite sure if far in distance, or far in time. But her land is in trouble. The REAL kind of trouble. Darkness has arrise, no one is quite safe, the powers that reign on the earth are moving, awake from a long slumber. Big things will happen and somehow this little baby is a central part of it, she is someone inportant in this story. She needs to be kept safe, until she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny.
She is daughter of Kings and Queens. A real heir, the highest heir. And the shadows were after her. No place was safe there anymore. She needs to be strong enough to fight. She needs to be wise enough to make decisions from the bottom of her heart. So a hard decision was made on her behalf. A decision of tears and moan but the only decision. The only path for her and all her world's safety.

They sent her here, and they called me. I don't know why they chose me, but they did. And they gave me the hard task of finding her foster family. The right family.

She needs to be loved and nurtured. And she needs to be protected. She needs to be sure of whom she is. When she is ready to walk her path, she just needs her key (the one she has close to her heart) and her blanket. It has a special embroidery of a constelation. She needs to find those stars and follow them back home. Her frog is her guardian between worlds, and they are inseparable. He will let her know all the truth. And that is what her name means. True. I have searched and found the language of the inscription on her leather clutch. The letters are called "Tengwar", and it is written "Naitë". I believe that it is her birth name.

I held her close in my arms. Poor baby, she has been through so much!
She is tinier than a regular baby. But something tells me she will grow taller than any of us. Her eyes are sparkling and her arms are strong. And she has the most cute -quite special- ears.

Soon she felt safe with me and wanted to play. So I changed her from her night gown and let her explore the trees around the lake.

She always looks so introspective, but I could hear some shy giggles when she whatched the little fish swimming in the lake...

She finally looked settled. And than she started blinking her eyes... Sleepy baby needed a nap. So I packed all her things, wraped her in her blanket, and headed home, starting the first steps of her journey into our world. She fell asleep peacefully with her head on my shoulder. Now she is home with me for a couple of weeks. I'll craddle her, kiss her, tend for her lovingly until we find her foster family.

This was Naitë's story. I hope it filled your heart with adventure as much as it filled mine. She is a special baby and I am quite happy that she chose my hands to welcome her into our world. She was born in my dreams before she was born by my hands.

Naitë will be waiting for her foster family on March's Dollectable. I'll update this post with the link soon.

Her adoption fee is 630 dollars.

She is a 13.5" size baby and fits into preemie real baby clothes. She is made with soft sunkissed DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. Her facial features are needle sculpted, her body has many soft sculpted accents. She is blushed with colored beeswax. Her hair is made from a ginger mohair wig. She is weighted with craft sand inside little fleece bags in her limbs and tummy.

She goes home with:
fleece and cotton knit diaper
moss green dress
reversible velvet and cotton knit jacket
mint green crochet bonnet
key necklace
constelation blanket
poseable softly needle felted frog
Leather boots
Carter's baby onesie

EDITED: Can you smell something different in the air? I was sure I could hear the voice of the stars whispering as the night approached... Oh yes, something special is happening. And Naitë will know the name of her family today.

Naitë will be available today, from 6pm EST to 9pm EST
CLICK HERE to view her listing

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