quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

De volta de vez! / Back for good!

Ai, que saudade da Bloglandia! Mas eu acho que agora eu aos poucos consigo voltar!
Obrigada por tantas boas dicas e apoio!

Minha Lilla está crescendo! Fez 6 meses! Como pode??
Começou a comer frutinhas e sopinhas (bem, em tese, né... ainda tem mais papinha cuspida no babador do que engolida dentro da barriga...).

E, nesse meio tempo, eu até consegui costurar alguns vestidinhos!! Beleza!
Eu volto ainda esta semana pra trazer fotos deles, prometo.

Minha menininha ainda é um grude, e só quer saber de colo o dia inteirinho.
O sling tem me ajudado muito com isso e agora parece que, aos poucos, as coisas estão se organizando novamente...

Aqui, mais fotos da pequena:


Oh, how I miss blogland!
But now I think I can get back here... slowly. =)
Thanx sooo much for everyone who cared to leave tips, advice or just words of support. It was all very helpfull!

My Lilla is 6 months now. Time do fly!!
Just started eating fruits and veggies (well, at least in theory: every meal ends with more baby food spit on the bib than inside the baby's tummy... But we'll get there!)

And, meanwhile, I managed to sew her a couple of dresses!! YEY!
I'll get back here in a few days with pics of those, I promise.

My little girl is still a baby-glue. All she wants is to be held... I think it's just her personality.
The sling is a huge help when I need to do something around the house.
I think that, maybe, I'm getting the hang of it.

Here, more pictures of the cutie:

5 months/ meses

6 months/ meses

8 comentários:

  1. Oh, she is soooooo cute! 6 mos is my absolutely favorite baby age. it doesn't get any cuter than that! I'm so glad a sling is working for you. Littla Lilla just doesn't want to see her mommy go too far from her. Can't wait to see your dresses, and you hang in there! It won't be like this forever. She will hit the ground and start crawling and walking and she won't WANT you to hold her anymore. :-)

  2. She is so beautiful! Her eyes are amazing! I love using our sling too, I don't know what I would do without it! I'm sure you are doing a great job, she looks like such a happy girl! Glad to see you back!!!

  3. you are back! Horray!!!! And she is SOOOOOO darling and cute! Oh what a doll!!! I just love her room....you must take more pictures...just lovely! Good to have you back!

  4. Welcome back!
    Muito linda a Lila! Adorei o vestidinho!

  5. Tá linda a sua moçinha! Cresceu mesmo! Estou esperando anciosa o seu retorno e as novidades que virão!

  6. Ai que fotos lindas Thalita!! Ela tá muito gostosa!! QUero ver vcs mais!!! Mais e mais!!!!

    Beijao! AH! E meu blog tá novinho e fofo!!! :D

  7. Larissa, thank you!!! ^^
    Oh, 6 months is the begining of my favorite age: 6 to 18 months! I looooove when they start to talk!
    Thank you so much for the help, you are always so sweet!
    Yes, for now I'm just enjoying all of Lilla's "stickyness"... I know she'll grow up fast, and soon I'll be missing these little baby days... =)

    Olivia, I don't know what I would do without the sling either... It became essencial to us. Thank you for the support! And please, tell me: how is the life of a mommy of 3??

    Sarah, yey! I'm glad to be back too! I too find Lilla a cutie pie, but I don't think my mommy vote counts... ^^
    I promise to bring some pics of her room soon.

    Ivy, obrigada!

    Marcele, obrigada tb!

    Carooool, seu blog ta lindo! Eu vou la deixar recadinho! Nos vemos hj mais tarde!

  8. your daughter looks like a little doll. She is beautiful, but so again, her mother is gorgeous! and it looks as if there is a new hair clip in her hair every day!