sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016


Amorie is a tender little girl who loves to listen to stories. If she gets fussy,  you can just start with "Once upon a time..." and see how she settles down quickly, curious eyes wide open, waiting for the magic to happen.

Amorie is a 17" preemie size baby. She is made with soft DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. Her facial features are needle sculpted, her body has many soft sculpted accents. She is blushed with colored beeswax. Her hair is made from a light brown mohair wig.

She goes home with:
flannel diaper
Yellow linen blouse
crochet wool jacket
pink baby socks
denim bubble shorts
pink tights
Leather sole and wool chrochet shoes
flowery cotton and faux fur bonnet
striped pajamas (that double as unicorn costume)
unicorn bonnet with wool felt flowers
Carter's baby onesie

Here is a Little video of her getting ready to find a family:

More pictures can be found HERE

Amorie will be looking for a family at Dollectable, November 1st.
Her adoption fee is 490 dollars.
Just follow this link to see the store. Good luck!

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