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Midori is a sweet little girl who loves to be outdoors watching butterflies pass by. She enjoys crawling on the grass, searching for little creatures. She also likes to stack blocks and do baby puzzels, but she throws a fit when she can't figure out how to solve those. It's not that she doesn't have patience, but she just get's frustrated... Her mama will need to teach her to not be so hard on herself .

Midori is a custom doll and already has a family.

She is made with soft DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. Her facial features are needle sculpted, her body has many soft sculpted accents. She is blushed with beeswax. Her hair is made from a black mohair wig.

Midori is a spoiled girl with lots os toys of her own!
She has a little doll, whom she takes her along everywhere! Her name is Ningyô ("doll" in japanese).
She also has 2 little soft pigglets, Bito and Daikon (which translates to Beet and Turnip, and they answer to both languages ^^ ).

Midori goes home with:

Cotton diaper
Yellow summer dress (made from a luxurios delicate silk and cotton blend fabric)
Knitted cardigan (Made by https://www.facebook.com/isauratrico)
Red baby socks
Crochet collar
Leather soles chrochet shoes
Reversible velvet and cotton bonnet
Kimono pajamas (top made of same silk and cotton fabric)
Pompom headband
Kimono onesie
Silk and cotton skirt
Carter's baby onesie
Little cloth doll
Two amigurumi pigglets
Butterfly necklace

More pictures of her can be found HERE

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  1. Acabo de descobrir seu blog e estou encantada pelo seu trabalho! As bonecas são lindas, perfeitas! Parabéns!