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Come on Jasper, don't be shy! Let's take some pictures so everyone can see how handsome you are!

There you are! Let's share your photos, shall we?

Baby Jasper was born surronded in love.
When I offerd his custom spot, it was my first "make me an offer" style spot. I was so touched by the amazing support I have recieved from many people, but specially by the winner's generosity:  She purchased this spot not for herself. She wanted the baby to be dreamed by someone else, a dear friend.

I was so happy to be able to make this baby! And also felt like this was a great responsability, as the baby was to be dreamed by a fellow dollmaker, someone whose work i admire so much!

I tried my best to reflect all the love that went into creating baby Jasper, in the image of his mama's middle son.
I hope she will feel all this love when she holds baby Jasper in her arms, and that she may be filled with good feelings that remind her of her real baby boy", now all grown into a beautiful and smart little guy, when he was her baby bird.

Jasper is made with soft DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. He is weighted just in the right places with rock sand. His facial features are needle sculpted, his body has many soft sculpted accents. He is blushed with beeswax. His hair is made from a blond mohair wig.

He goes home with:
Cotton and fleece diaper
Linen blouse
Velvet shorts
Knitted cardigan (Made by https://www.facebook.com/isauratrico)
Crochet socks
Leather shoes
crochet bonnet
cotton pajama pants 
Red cotton shirt
Carter's baby shirt
Denim overalls
Real ambar teetthing necklace
Little doll of his own

You can see more pictures of Jasper HERE

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