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When I began to bring Poppy to life, I intended her to be a little baby like her brothers and sister previously born. But she had other things in mind. SHe insisted she was all grown. Not a baby, a toddler! She could walk and talk (and throw fits!). Well, aren't all children like that? We want them to stay little, they insist to grow fast...
Poppy still wears diapers, but she likes to be a rebel and take her diapers off, then run wild through the house. She is a natural climber, and will push chairs around to achieve her high goals! Poppy has a little friend, Cookie the mouse. We have found him searching the kitchen after cookie crumbs. He found a family with Poppy, they are inseparable.

 Poppy is a one of a kind doll, there will never be another one like her. Her face was sculpted with needle felting, her skin is sun kissed cotton knit from switzerland. She was firmily stuffed with sweet smelling wool. Her body pattern was designed by me to look like a chubby toddler child. Poppy's hair is a mohair crochet cap and can be gently styled (though she strongly disagrees every time someone tries to brush it).

She will go to her new family with a cotton and flanel diaper, wool crochet dress, merino crochet shoes, cotton tights, kitty dress (print pattern mabe by me and available at spoonflower) and of course her little friend Cookie (amigurumi crochet from mohair yarn)

Poppy's adoption fee is 400 dollars  Poppy is sold

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