sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016


You know, doll babies learn to speak younger than real babies do. Their voices are toddler like and it takes a mama to understand what they say.
Yuna is quite talkative. And she knows I can understand her well. She has quite a surprising taste for fashion for such a young little soul and knew very well what she wanted for her wardrobe. The thing is she kept sharing her wishes in homeopathic doses. Just one shirt. Now a onesie. Please, a pair of tights. A romper for play dates. May I have a bonnet? May a have a hair bow? Of course, pajamas! A party dress !(she'll have lots of siblings and friends in her new house, she swears there are gonna be parties!), something comfy, something fancy... A long list of wishes! So demanding this one!

Yuna is custom made. She is preemie size (fits into preemie clothes). She can't wait to meet her mama and siblings! She'll go home with all the clothes she requested: diapers, tights, a linen kimono pajama shirt with soft pajama pants with leather patches, a peasant shirt, play time romper, party dress, bloomers, crochet shoes with leather soles, socks, crochet cardigan, crochet bonnet, hair bow and hair clips

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#babydoll #naturalfiberbabydoll

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