sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016


Sonata is a mischievious little baby. If the house sounds too quiet, you better go check on her. You can bet she is up to something. She likes to search for treasures inside forgotten drawers and to climb chairs. Though she is little, she is fierce! But when you confront her in her naughtiness, she gives you such a cute smile, it's impossible to stay mad! Oh dear, she is just too cute!

Come on, Sonata. Get down, my darling. Come, let's play together and take some more pictures so your mama can see you!

I just looooooove little baby legs!

Sonata already has a family. ♥
She goes home with a fitted diaper, a pair of maryjane shoes with leather soles, tights, a romper, a cardigan, felt hair clip, pajamas and a bib.

#waldorfinspired #slowdollmaking #artdoll #naturalfiberartdoll #thalitadol

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