sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016


Aisli doesn't like to be left alone. I hope her mama is able to carry her around, because, oh boy, that's the only way to make her happy. 

Good thing is, being such a tiny baby, she isn't all that heavy. And to tell you the truth, once you pick her up she giggles so tenderly and melts into your arms with such cuteness, that you are the one who won't want to place her in her crib!

Aisli already has a family. ♥
She goes home with a fitted diaper, a pair of stylish boots, a dress, two bonnets and a cardigan. For night time, she also has a pair of comfy pants and a linen diaper shirt.

#waldorfinspired #slowdollmaking #artdoll #naturalfiberartdoll #thalitadol

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