sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016


Good morning miss bed-hair! Did you have a good nap?

Rosie is a custom doll. She was made to resemble her real life sister.
Rosie is a chubby content baby who loves to cuddle!

Rosie really feels like a little baby!

Rosie has a full wardrobe: Linen hand embroidered creeper, cotton knit comfy jumper, knitted cardigan and socks (made By Isaura Tricot), crochet shoes, reversible bonnet, crochet collar, long sleeve Carter's onesie and of course a diaper.
She also has a litle companion called Primrose.

(The print pattern from Rosie's jumper, diaper, and Primrose's body were also designed by me and are available at Spoonflower)

Rosie and Primrose went home in a pretty box!

#waldorfinspired #slowdollmaking #artdoll #naturalfiberartdoll #thalitadol

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