quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Small Style Lilla#3

Hoje nós passamos a manhã visitando escolas. Juro, tarefa impossível. Acho que eu nunca conseguirei escolher! =/ Mas a Lilla se comportou muito bem! Teve toda paciência do mundo e foi muito obediente!

Está tão carinhosa ultimamente... Hoje me distribuiu beeijos a torto e a direita, ganhei inclusive um beijinho e cada dedo das minhas mãos!
This morning we went to visit some neighborhood pre-schools (for next year). And man, I'm finding it impossible to choose! =/ But Lilla behaved like a little miss! She had all the patience she could. 

My little girl is so loving lately... I got kisses and hugs all day long. I even got 10 special little kisses, one on each of my fingers!

leggins & clip: buggabugga (Etsy)
blusa / shirt: Mamãe Eu Quero
calça/pants: old navy (sale)
sapato / shoes: trumpette (via Ross) 

4 comentários:

  1. So so pretty! I adore her flower and mismatchy pants :D That is so something my daughter and I love---mixing everything up in a completely happy fashion <3

    Your art is fabulous--so nice to meet you via Small Style!

    --Sara Sophia

  2. She is sooo beautiful! I love her shiny shoes! too cute! My daughter loves shoes too! I just posted about them today! :)

    I found you through Small Style! I have a similar linky called Mini Mod on Fridays, you should link up there too if you get a chance! :)

  3. Thanks Sara! I love to mismatch! ^^
    Thanks for the compliments on my work too! ;)

    Thanks baby making mama! Lilla loves shiny shoes, most of the times she is the one who asks to wear them, and I have to choose the clothes based on the shoes. =)

  4. Oh Sweet Sweet Lilla!
    Grandma Lolo misses you so much!!!!!!